Hollis and Heather are not to be taken lightly. These naughty girls love to make guys feel inferior and they love to reduce big grown man into a crying pile of sorrow, wriggling in pain. Squeezing your balls tight is only a gentle beginning!


Rene may looks gentle, but once she grabs your balls, you will quickly find out she’s a tough mistress to cross. She’ll grab your jewels, digs her perfect nails deep and make you squeal like a little girl for her!


Watching these beautiful young girls in action will give you goosebumps even if it makes your cock hard at the same time. They will make you spread your legs and kick your precious area for as long, as they enjoy it. And that takes a long while!


Carmen is so hot, I can’t imagine a guy who wouldn’t do anything for her. Even if it gets painful sometimes. Like this time, when she feels like kicking your balls until you cry like a little girl, begging for mercy.


Kenna loves ball busting more then anything else. Making guy kneel in pain and turning him into her personal slave is something she lives for. So get ready, because if you give this hot brunette a chance, she will be smashing your balls pretty much all the time!

Smashing Your Balls Review

Smashing Your Balls Review
Smashing Your Balls

Get ready for some extreme pain! Our hot kinky models love to hurt guys and humiliate them the best way possible. And nothing works better than smashing your balls!